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Interdisciplinary focus on Open Science

Scientists and Engineers

Space Science & Technology

Paris Open Science is an interdisciplinary un-conference that brings together researchers and experts from multiple fields to discuss the latest developments and innovations in space science & technology, fusion energy, robotics, AI, food and AgTech, climate science, ocean tech, synthetic biology, and other related fields of study through the lens of Open Science and FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reproducible) data sharing.

Our focus is on promoting the core principles of #OpenScience, which include transparency, reproducibility, inclusion, and accessibility.

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Fusion Energy

Our conference will feature talks and presentations from leading experts in the field of fusion energy, discussing the latest research and breakthroughs in this exciting area of study.


Robotics & AI

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest developments and advancements in robotics and AI, and how these technologies are transforming various industries and fields of study.

Robot Engineer

Food and AgTech

Our conference will also feature talks and presentations on the latest developments in food and AgTech, exploring how technology is transforming the way we grow, produce, and consume food.


Climate Science & Ocean Tech

Experts in climate science and ocean tech will also be joining us to discuss the latest research and innovations in these important areas of study.

Sea Turtle

Synthetic Biology

Paris Open Science un-conference will explore the latest developments in synthetic biology, and how this exciting field is transforming the way we approach healthcare, energy, and the environment.

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