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Paris Open Science un-Conference
New Dates TBA for 2024
Nominate A Speaker/ Propose a Session or Submit Yourself For A Lightning Talk, as a Panelist or Workshop Facilitator


Confirmed Speakers & Participants Include

Pietro Barabaschi

Director General, ITER

Ambrogio Fasoli

CEO, EUROfusion

Tony Donné

Former CEO, EUROfusion

Consultant & Subject Matter Expert, Fusion Energy


Annie Kritcher, Physicist Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Shira Tabachnikoff

ITER Deputy Head of Comms & Vice Chair of Steering Committee, Women in Fusion

Andrew Holland, CEO

Fusion Industry

Christopher Land, Oracle, AI Accessibility, Development & Design

Sri Granum Carson, Chair, EOREA, European Ocean Research and Education Alliance

David Kingham, Exec. Vice Chairman, Tokamak Energy

Simon Belka

Chief Movement Builder  

Renaissance Fusion

Lara Ramdin, Chief Innovation Officer, Upcycled Foods

Alfonso Jaramillo FRSB

Director De Novo Synthetic Biology Lab (i2sysbio CSIC-UV, Spain)

Joel Guidez, International Expert, CEA; Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives

Elias G. Carayannis, Director European Union Research Center; Professor, George Washington University


Andrejs Berdnikovs, Head of Technology Business Ctr, Investment and Development Agency of Latvia  


Representatives From: 


Prime Movers Lab


Center for Open Science



Commonwealth Fusion Systems

Fusion Industry Association

Renaissance Fusion

Race For Water

Tokamak Energy

CNRS - Centre National Recherche Scientifique

a16z (Scouts)

AI2 Incubator

University of Hawai'i, Manoa -


Energy For The Common Good

Women in Fusion

BPI France 

Upcycled Foods



Fondation TARA Ocean


Fondation L'Oréal




Join us for an interdisciplinary Open Science un-conference in Paris, France May 23rd -25th, 2024. Our focus areas include space science & technology, fusion & fission energy, robotics, AI, FoodTech and AgTech, climate science, OceanTech, and synthetic biology. Our core principles of #OpenScience include transparency, reproducibility, inclusion, and accessibility. *Speakers and presenters are expected to attend in-person. However when absolutely necessary we can make accommodations for virtual participation.

Science Committee Program members are Michel Claessens, PhD; Paige Donner; Clemence Broustine, Ben Donaldson. Pls. see the     Contact Us page for info.

einstein 2 images_of_scientists_and_engineers_including_one_of_al_2.jpeg

Space Science & Technology

Fusion Energy

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ND paris open science Screen Shot 2023-10-17 at 23.31.02_edited.jpg

Robotics & AI

Food and AgTech

academics 12 _early_career_academics_and_university_faculty_represen_2 copy.jpeg
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Climate Science

Ocean Tech & Synthetic Biology

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